Test Anxiety – Therapy Treatment

Everybody experiences anxiety. It is normal for a person to experience anxiety, especially if he or she is facing a very stressful event such as exams, weddings, public speeches and the likes. Anxiety generally is a helpful form of adrenaline rush – the usual form of this is the sensation of hollowness in the stomach that is often described as “butterflies in the stomach”. Test anxiety is a condition that mostly affects students. Some students have a tendency to take exams way too seriously and thus making them worry too much until it causes disruption in everyday activities, continuous deterioration of academic performance and health depreciation.
Unfortunately, this condition is prevalent yet parents, faculty and school administrators fail to recognize this as a problem which leads to irreversible psychiatric and personality changes in the person. In order to prevent this from happening, early detection and test anxiety therapy treatment should be done. Test anxiety therapy treatment is usually recommended for early and low stages of test anxiety. To detect early signs of test anxiety, the common signs and symptoms that you will need to observe for would be frequent headaches, nausea and vomiting, diarrhea, stomach cramps, and low academic performances. Another thing to watch out for would be statements which degrade one’s self such as “I am no good.”, “Everyone is better than I am”, or “I am so dumb”. In order for you to learn more about test anxiety therapy treatment, here are some of its examples and definition.
Counseling therapy is an effective test anxiety therapy treatment. Constant motivation and encouragement to verbalize one’s feelings is the key to this test anxiety therapy treatment. Some people tend to keep their feelings about their exams, which contribute to the development and progress of test anxiety. Sometimes, the key to the treatment of this condition is to allow them to vent out and verbalize their suppressed emotions.
Another mode of test anxiety therapy treatment is group therapy sessions. Since majority of individuals affected by this condition are students, one must understand that they are more open to their peers. They are more comfortable to talk about things, which are rather uncomfortable to talk about with older people. This can help because they can share ideas about the condition and how to manage it. It also keeps the therapy sessions lively and less boring. Several teaching styles such as games, visual aids and animated lectures are recommended for further learning enhancement.
Clearing the mind of disturbing thoughts is important in the implementation of test anxiety therapy treatment. There are several therapeutic relaxation techniques such as Yoga and meditation which are effective in keeping the mind sound. Blocking away negative thoughts regarding any exams can help the student cope with school and peer stress. Relaxation techniques need not be complicated. A series of simple deep breathing is enough to relax and clear the mind.
One can also opt to use hypnosis therapy as a solution to test anxiety. A licensed psychiatrist is needed for this treatment and should have the full consent of the person to be treated. However, this treatment is still controversial and studies are still being made regarding its effectiveness.