What to Do to Help Kids with Test Anxiety

Even really young children could suffer from test anxiety. In fact, this condition is even more common in younger children because they are still not used to taking tests. For some of them, seeing test papers right in front of them is still pretty scary. Kids with test anxiety may have parents who are pressuring them to do well in school, even if they are still young. These parents could be over achievers when they were students, so they want their children to excel as well. This, however, could cause kids to be pressured, and while pressure can sometimes be good, it would not be healthy for children.

For children, play is extremely important, and for them to be forced to do well in school could inhibit their desires to play and could hamper their development. Children, especially kids with test anxiety, needs to play every once in a while to let them grow and develop on their own. They would need to do some exploration and discover things that they would not be able to pick up in school. Parents need to help their children have this freedom. If they just force their children to study, read books and use pen and paper to practice whatever it is that they need to practice, then their children’s development could be seriously hampered.

Also, if they fail a test even after studying really hard, they could become depressed. The number of kids with test anxiety is now increasing because of parents who do not know how to deal with their children. They set expectations for these kids that are most often hard to fulfill, and they end up scolding their children if these expectations are not met. Kids could also develop the fear of taking tests because of previous unpleasant experiences. Stress is never good for children, so parents should know that their children need to be loved and accepted even if they do not do well in school. Kids with test anxiety will really appreciate this love and could even do better because they are confident that even if they do something wrong, as long as it wasn’t done on purpose, they would still be forgiven because their parents would love them no matter what.

Kids with test anxiety could also be affected physically because of stress. It is important for parents to ensure that their kids remain healthy and this involves giving them the right amount and type of food. Some parents tend to indulge their children’s desire for junk foods and often take them to different fast foods. We all know that children love these foods but this would not be healthy for them, especially for kids with test anxiety. They should be kept healthy so they would not be susceptible to the harmful effects of stress and anxiety. Also make sure to make them sleep early because this is the time when children need sleep the most. If kids with test anxiety get enough sleep before an exam, it is more likely that he will do better because his body is relaxed and has been conditioned well.